OPPO put a copy of 6 GB of phone F9 with Fast shipping.. how much is it?!

After subtracting the limited version of the phone OPPO F9, The Color Purple stars Starry Purple, in the Egyptian market, which achieved a remarkable success to the effectiveness of all the amount raised in the period of advance reservation through stores, e-tailers, the display is priced at 5,790 pounds, and with increased demand for put phones with Ram Greater, has introduced the OPPO a new version of the phone space 6 GB available in three colors that is available by phone, a red sunrise Sunrise Red, Stars purple Starry Purple and Twilight Blue Twilight Blue, effectively in the Egyptian market at a competitive price 6,490 pounds.

The phone comes with all the advantages provided by OPPO latest additions in the F Series, most notably the fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charge, which enables the user to charge the phone long enough to make calls for two hours. after charging for 5 minutes, to become the phone F9 is the first in the Egyptian market and specifically the middle class that supports this feature.

Supports phone OPPO F9 interactive user interface ColorOS5.2-based Android 8.1, and Ram (Rama), which is currently up to 6 GB to the implementation of advanced operations on your phone easily such as video playback high-definition video games big size.

With memory internal storage 64 GB, can for phone for OPPO F9 to store images, videos, games and files, this is in addition to that the phone with card memory from which it is possible to increase it to 256 East. Also equipped with a phone for OPPO F9 camera rear 16 MP and 2 MP, the camera uses the main lens aperture of F/1.8, used camera help lens aperture of F/2.4.

Reflect the colors of the phone’s three bold and stylish new philosophy for OPPO geared towards providing phones more stylish and suitable for high fashion, where it came at the same time as the launch of the tenth edition of the festival next to the Cairo Fashion festival is sponsored by OPPO, which held events throughout the day on October 25, saw more than 10 shows, and was characterized by the presence of more than 45 designer as they appeared at the festival of the first material using even the current season.

According to a press release, OPPO debut with the local brand ZAAM which the young fashion designer Ahmed Azzam, where a presentation was made to a group “OPPOcalypse” the place of design and fashion and bags inspired by the design and the colors of the phone F9 during the festival.

The group embodies a form of cooperation between the OPPO and the young Ahmed Ezz, as reflected in support of the brand, as usual, in support of young talent. And also witnessed the presentation of the asterisk source Rookie of the embassy of the OPPO gift is useful, for design Ahmed Ezz which is the main piece of the group.

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