Oppo reveal a copy of Lamborghini from her new Find X

أوبو تكشف عن نسخة لامبورغيني من هاتفها الجديد Find X

The company revealed the oppo Chinese phone leading Find X which comes with a complete without any protrusions or under the overhead due to the technology developed by the camera which make them excited separately from the screen.

Is considered the technology of the camera moving front and back is a new idea of the company to offer phones and full screen to the maximum, which means a new competition between the smartphone manufacturers.

Owns the phone Find X the great advantages of the availability of a processor Snapdragon 845 RAM 8 GB, as well as memory internal storage size of 256 GB, as well as screen measuring 6.4 inch type OLED, as it is has a distinct design that is protected by a layer of glass from the front and includes in its design to a large extent the Galaxy S9.

This phone wasn’t a single copy on a non-public, where the company designed a version in partnership with an Italian car company Lamborghini to the Special design of the phone, similar to what you do Huawei with a copy of the Porsche.

Will the new phone the same advantages, but it comes with the back of the carton neatly with the Lamborghini logo on it, will also has a feature faster charging. Where the battery is charged from 0 to 100 in 35 minutes only according to the words of the company.

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