OPPO reveal new details about the phone in its next report zoom up to 10 times

Held company OPPO conference today in China, where it has demonstrated more details about the new version of the smartphone with optical zoom hybrid up to 10 times, which officially launched in the second quarter of 2019.


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In the conference of the OPPO held today, reviewed the company’s technical optical zoom hybrid new which supports zoom up to 10 times without dropping the display quality in the pictures, also supports the technique of the zoom lens characteristic wide-angle too, with the sensor key clear, to the side of the camera Telephoto.

Also confirmed for OPPO also that the sensor main camera comes accurately 48 mega pixel camera with a lens with a 120-degree viewing, characterized by the length AF of up to 15.9 mm thick where the supports shots with wide angles, as supports camera Telephoto focal length of 159 mm.

Also indicated for OPPO to cameras three with different focal lengths will cover the zoom up to 10 times without dropping the resolution of the display in the photo, also come lenses with a thickness less than that enhances the design of the thinnest cameras up to a thickness of 6.76 mm No what he’s trying to design the camera in the phone for OPPO R17.

The slim design of a number of cameras to a technology for OPPO in the design of optical lenses and is D-cut, which is trying to collect 2 parts of the circular lenses which reduces the thickness of the lenses without to drop performance.

As support for OPPO phone with two engines auto focus AF camera with the main lens wide-angle, where the engines of the same size to reduce the space used by 13%, which supports the installed sensors and lenses telephoto to get the picture more clearly and with details more accurate.

Also come camera with the main camera possible lenses telephoto with optical stabilization, where the technique of optical stabilization in the camera telephoto accurately 0.001445, is scheduled to offer trading in the MWC conference 2019, also plans giant China to produce the phone in the second quarter of 2019.


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