Oppo reveal to us about the design and main specifications of the phone Oppo K3 before the official announcement

Oppo K3

Phone for Oppo K3, which is supposed to be a formal unveiling on May 23, was listed recently on the company’s official website which confirmed to us his design and some of the specifications of the main technical.

In the design aspect, the phone Oppo K3 looks like a combination of the Realme X and Oppo Reno, it has a front camera and emanate from the center of the top frame of the device similar to the phone Realme X, featuring the front of the wallpaper with two cameras in the middle on the lines of the phone Oppo Reno.

When it comes to the specs, it has confirmed the US company Oppo already to phone for Oppo K3 will feature eight-core processor class Snapdragon 710. And now, assured us the Chinese company so that it will front camera with 16 megapixels, AMOLED screen size of 6.5-inch also includes a sensor fingerprint. In addition, the phone Oppo K3 will come with random memory of the type LPDDR4X, the internal memory of the type UFS 2.1, as it will come with a gaming mode Game Boost 2.0. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the phone will be available in three different colors include white, green, and blue.


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