Oppo set the invention of the communication system of the wireless Walkie-Talkie system with its new ” MeshTalk “


Allow us our smart phones these days to make calls via WiFi in addition to used normally via the communication cell. However, it remains negative thing in it is that we will need either to get cell signal or be connected to the internet, although this is not very difficult in this modern era.

However, what if there was an emergency? This is something you want company, Oppo treads because the company has today detects protocol New call launches the name of MeshTalk. Will this protocol for users to talk with each other at a distance of 3 kilometers in the open air without the need for cellular networks or Bluetooth or WiFi.

What the phone is that it works on the establishment of a network of local private allow devices to talk directly with each other without the need for anything else. If this sounds familiar, it is because he is somewhat similar to the systems radio contact ( walkie-talkie ) that allows users to communicate with each other in the under a short.

Designed company Oppo also this protocol so that it can work in a mode of preparedness for 72 hours, which means that it is still viable for use in case of emergency even if the power in your phone battery is low. We’re not sure if this protocol will be exclusive for Oppo or not, or when the company plans to kick him out, but it definitely sounds interesting.

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