Oppo stopped the series for Oppo R Series, will focus on the Oppo Find X and Oppo Reno


Got the phone for Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Edition last Wednesday, one of the most wanted persons for interviews is the vice president of the company Oppo, Mr. Brian Shen. Earlier this year, said that the phone Oppo R19 will not come any time soon, and now confirmed the same man that series phones for Oppo R Series will disappear forever. From now on, will focus the company Oppo phones Oppo Reno and Oppo Find X.

During the past ten years, selling over 100 million phone series for Oppo R Series. Although most of the phones Oppo R Series, you will stop receiving updates in the future, however, Mr. Brian Shen said that the company Oppo will adhere to our core values, which means that it will continue to ” take care of aesthetic quality in its smart phones “.

This means that we should expect to see Khalifa phone Oppo Find X, but we’re not sure yet if will get the name of the Oppo Find X2 or the Oppo Find Y or if company decided Oppo choose a different name for this phone.


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