Oppo succeed in the access speed of the 5G in a modified version of the phone Oppo R15

Oppo Find X

Two months after the end of the first test network 5G, the new phone from the company Oppo speed fifth-generation networks. Published vice president and head of business division in the company for Oppo, Mr. Brain Shen image on the social network of Chinese Weibo you know the phone company was able to open a page on the official website of the company using the speed of 5G, which reveals that the company is close to launching a smart phone compatible with the networks of the fifth generation.

This outstanding phone is the Oppo R15, but has been modified this phone to provide him with the supports 5G ballast and other requirements. Been conducting test in a laboratory protocol to contact your company for Oppo, where was the thrill of the season Qualcomm X50 from Qualcomm in August. Mr. Brain Shen that the company aims ” to become the first brand to launch a smart phone commercial is compatible with the 5G “.

Company Oppo is currently working with Qualcomm in the development of the smart phone supports 5G with the knowledge that it has been confirmed that the partnership of the new lately, just, and exactly at the summit of Beijing technology and cooperation. The announcement comes as a response to the declaration from the company OnePlus, which says it will launch a phone the Pioneer network supports the fifth generation in the first half of next year.


There are other Chinese company seeks to support 5G, this company is Xiaomi, which announced that it will early next year launch version of the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 supports 5G.

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