OPPO topping techniques, installation of high-quality cameras phones

It’s no secret that a lot of users took advantage of their cameras and to redeem with their smart phones during the last few years. Has become cameras mobile phones enjoy the benefits of the new precision picture of higher and additional data all contribute to improving the overall quality of Health that we meet.

Despite these improvements, what still function approximation in cameras phones and smart one of the techniques that didn’t get attention enough. Even revealed the OPPO –a company now book a place mathematically in the space of manufacturing phones smart world- In February last captain about the technique of rounding to 10 – fold that of the Will establishing the concept of the new competition in the techniques of photography in the phones smart ultra-high performance.

The company is OPPO the earliest manufacturers of phones and smart to achieve what failed to do the rest of the companies, andthe outstanding introduction of the techniques of rounding a real to phones smart despite their size small, which is the completion of the inability of most manufacturers and others about the proposal of Achieve.

Comprising the technique of rounding the 10 – fold high quality 10x Hybrid Zoom that is created by OPPO, the structure of the camera, three lenses consisting of lens zoom lens wide – angle LED 120 degree camera key accurately 48 mega pixel. Which is considered one of the most technology export innovative and up to date. In order to further of interest to users, provided the OPPO technology to install PHOTO Optical (OIS) On each of the camera the main and close to ensure accuracy, greater resistance to higher vibration, to be the users closer to the world of around them and Kiev don’t miss a moment worthy of been.

While they shift the quality of the unique of its kind, only that the technique the doctor 10 times the high quality think part of the March for OPPO in the innovation of techniques to portray distinct. Has made the company the success of a banner in the years few past due credit biggest Where to focus on innovation cameras distinctive identity, its smart. Lost was the first relationship in the World launches phone smart camera of 13 mega pixels, and the first of over a phone smart camera Rotary in the world, Brought about the recent shift quality in the world of phones, smart launched the first cameras in three dimensions in the world her phone OPPO Find X.

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These innovations in conjunction with the announcement of the company recently for strengthening the investment world in the areas of research and development to 1.43 million dollars almost in the year 2019, the increase rate of 150% compared to work previous. Will this step in strengthening the place of the sign OPPO globally through the launch of many of the techniques new to address the problems that may face customers when using phones smart.

Is considered the technique of rounding the 10 – fold high quality (10X Hybrid Zoom)And that gives consumers more of the doctor; and of justice; and further of developments in the device light and easy to carry, an example post on how to wear OPPO standards of competition in the sector phones smart.

It is expected the arrival of this technical and innovative to the consumers in the region Company Middle East soon, where confirmed for OPPO launch this technical the first of its kind at the level of the world, The issued the following of the phones are smart in the region.

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