Oppo unveils phone with front camera at the bottom of the screen in its promo latest


Remained company Oppo anticipation for the front camera compact the bottom of the screen since almost three weeks, and may be willing finally to view the prototype of the first smart phone that uses this new technology in the near future. Police have released a video trailer to remind everyone that it will detect that phone at the Mobile World Congress Asian MWC 2019 currently held in the capital economic of China, Shanghai.

Reveals a short video clip which has a duration of 15 seconds is also about the design of the phone that looks like it housed a huge screen. It should be noted that we already know through the advertising headline that was published before this the front camera is listed below the screen able to take pictures, but when not in action, the screen turn pixels available, which leads to hide the camera. There is also a circular ring to remind you where you should be looking at because the camera is hidden in the black tape to apply camera.

Company Oppo introduced the prototype at the Mobile World Congress Asian MWC 2019. This will start the event in the second hour after noon local time we will devote to provide you with the latest details and information about this new and exciting technology.


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