Oppo warns of low image quality first cameras listed under the screens of smart phones

Xiaomi Front Camera

As already scheduled, the company Oppo review her smart phone with front camera under the screen in the conference World Asian beauty Asian MWC 2019 currently held in the capital of economic Chinese Shanghai. As explained to us the company before, it is hide the front camera behind the screen when not running, eliminating the need to provide the screen with or hole. However, the deputy CEO of Oppo warn enthusiasts.

In fact, I have Mr. Brian Shen published a new publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo allude to that the quality of the images captured using this camera front compact the bottom of the screen should not be high because the technology is still new and under development. This is the answer of Mr. Brian Shen in response to the concerns of some interested people who expressed their concerns about the quality of the sound.

The reason that affect the quality of the photos is that the first generation of this technology behave as if the element front is absolutely clean, which raises questions about whether the first generation of this technology will work its way into the smart phone business or whether it will have to wait until you resolve all the current problems in the next generation of this technology.

Will provide a built-in camera under the screen is another achievement added to the list of achievements of the company Oppo in the smartphone market. Returning to 2013, we saw the company Oppo reveal to us about the phone Oppo N1 which is considered at the time the first smart phone equipped with a camera swivel. Moreover, it was also among the first companies that had adopted comprehensive provider of concerned with the the phone for Oppo F9, and how can anyone forget the two phones Oppo Find X and Oppo Reno with camera pop-up.


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