Or plan to manufacture phones contain more than 2 bump (nout) !

Google is currently working on the development of the Android System P by adding a new feature to the system which support the sheet or protrusion that spread in the phones that have been manufactured recently, but Google announced some restrictions on the existence of the note in the phones supposed manufactured in the future so that they don’t need the phone on more than 2 Note.

The Director cited the development of user interfaces android on own city by the developer, that Google is currently cooperating with manufacturers of smart phones with the aim of facing the Android System P with the sheet border on new phones, and that restrictions on the manufacturers of smart phones despite the fact that until now we did not find any smartphone contain more than note, even now, comes the note in the top of the phone, so you talk about three or four notes in the phone actually is my view until now.

The purpose behind such restrictions is the desire of Google to make sure the display system of its own Android applications to know her through her store or follow the other show up correctly, regardless of the user device from either Samsung or Shao or the oppo, because the design of the sheet may sometimes obscure part of the application exhibits.

And Google to add more challenge within the system design notes the features within the app or hide it permanently, as it is with Android OS new, by default says Android System P to increase the area of the top bar of the phone so that features inside the sheet instead of cutting a part of the application and opposition.

Recall that Google has stated that Android system is currently working on a 16 Telephone from 11 different company holds the design of the extrusion, the company expects to increase this number next year!

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