Organization Consumer Reports defends the choke performance of the processor in the MacBook Pro 2018 new

MacBook Pro 2018 --

Computers MacBook Pro 2018 new announced by Apple recently come up with some important changes such as the ability to add up to 32GB of RAM, there is also the possibility of getting this laptop with the Intel Core i9 which makes it the most powerful computer MacBook Pro has been launched so far. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

We have heard in the recent report indicates that Acer, the famous Dave Lee has recently reviewed to fit the MacBook Pro 2018 with the new Intel Core i9 to discover that the latter penetrates during complex tasks due to the high heat of the Processor, making it the ultimate end interior design materials for computer MacBook Pro 2018. However, motive engineers in the Organization for Consumer Reports non-profit about the design of the MacBook Pro 2018 new claiming that choking is a characteristic were included in the treatments for years.

According to Mr. Richard Fisco, one of the pioneer specialists in the test electronics in the system Consumer Reports, it has stated by saying : ” most of the processors include this possibility since years. I prefer to strangle the system and I take longer to do things instead of neglecting the temperature of the device, “ he added : “ the laptop is the worst environment you can think of for know. There’s not a lot of space, so you can’t cool it efficiently. “

When they defend the laptop MacBook Pro 2018, it indicated at the same time it depends on the users who may need a lot of processing power buy a case iMac Pro because it will be more suitable for them.



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