Original Samsung Galaxy S8+ 23 990 rubles. Wait? No, the reality!

It is no secret that the price of Samsung smartphones in Russia leave much to be desired — even pricing on the old model of the manufacturer is sometimes difficult to understand. In this case, comes to the aid of the service SmartPrice, which we not so long agoandroidinsider.ru/smartfony/samsung-galaxy-s7-za-15-tyisyach-i-ne-tolko-v-rossii-zarabotal-chestnyiy-treyd-in.html” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>told you. Not only that, SmartPrice allows you to buy the smartphones are much cheaper than the average market price, so he in addition arranged the sale, which will last a whole week!

SmartPrice, which allows you to buy “updated” Samsung and Apple, and profitably and with maximum comfort to exchange an old device to a new drastically lowered prices on smartphones presented — 20 %. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in black color, in excellent condition and a capacity of 64 GB can be bought for 23 990 rubles. Considering that this phone will cost 50-60 thousand rubles, the savings are more than 50 %.

Not only the flagships of Samsung are on sale — 20% down price and on the same Galaxy S6. A little more than 9000 rubles — and the smartphone is in excellent condition, with 32 GB of memory, and the color is “blue Topaz”. However, we can see more “colors”.

By the way, if you add less than 2000 rubles, you can already get the model abruptly — Galaxy S7. There are a wide variety of colors, all smart phones with 32 GB and good condition.

In General, the choice of smartphones is really rich, and most importantly — this is a REAL discount of 20 %, which should not be overlooked. And if you want to turn your old gadget, remember that AndroidInsider.ru in conjunction with the service SmartPrice.ru launched a projectwhere everyone can pick up a new smartphone or exchange the old device, if available.

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