Orlando bloom twice disrupted his speech for iPad

Tablet from the company Apple has become the reason why the famous actor Orlando bloom twice stopped theatre production of “Killer Joe.” He had twice to make a remark to the woman in the room and ask her to remove the iPad. Over the course of history traced to Variety.

London theatre critic mark Shenton tweeted their opinions about the show, which was attended by Orlando bloom. He also said that the actor was twice stopped production and went out of their roles in order to enjoin the woman from the hall to clean up your iPad. The second time he even expressed his request obscenely.

Representatives of the theater on all publications said that the incident was quickly and efficiently resolved by the Front of House team. Theatrical space Trafalgar Studios, can be called very intimate, and the use of electronic devices can really interfere with the other spectators and actors on the stage, but it seems that things are not so simple.

Theatralisch Harry Edwin responded to tweets by Mark Shenton stating that a woman from the audience did not use his iPad. On the tablet was assigned to a portable fan which helped her to cope with the heat in a stuffy room. The weather in London was really hot. It seems that between the actor and the viewer has an easy misunderstanding. The situation could not be, if everyone knew the rules of etiquetteregarding the treatment of gadgets.

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