Osmo launches extensions to educational iPads to support children

The company launched the Osmo latest collection of flashcards that are intended by the users of iPads from children aged 3 to 5 years.

Several new educational introduction of Osmo entitled Little Genius Starter for users of iPads from children at pre-school, which aims to teach children in this stage by 4 of the educational games that work on training of children in this stage on the letters, with a message to teach children creatively and smooth.

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And I knew the company Osmo correct accessories, accessories, educational, creative and customized for the iPad, which works on the development of many skills in children in their first, also work on strengthening your skills in each child, and teach arithmetic skills first.

Has launched Osmo these creative accessories previously, children in the correspondent age advanced, to teach children the skills of spelling, and simple arithmetic.

It is scheduled to come several Little Genius Starter of the new Osmo with the base to install the iPad, along with a range of accessories with the panel flow smooth experience in practical training for the children using the iPad, it is planned that the collection will be available today for pre-order at a price of $ 79 at Amazon.


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