Other Japanese companies with services you know the date of death of the pager the “pager”

Announced the Japanese company Tokyo time provider of messaging via pager pager from the date of cessation of service permanently in September 2019, the last company stopped the service, which started its light is in the mid-nineties, where its predecessor company NTT absolute provider of the original service began in 2007 by a margin of a decade.

According to SoraNews24 the company stated that the number of current users of the bell or clock pocket as it is called in the country swallow the 1500 level; distributors in the capital Tokyo and its suburbs which are the areas that are still available radio frequencies needed for service, becoming the the decision to execute the pager is inevitable and irreversible due to the limited number of users by the can be considered a cause of secondary the main reason is certainly the strong presence and reality of smart phones and networks of modern communication that has undermined a lot of traditional means of communication and wrote her death certificate by evolution to today with the same pen the date of graduation from the pager.

It is worth mentioning that the device has reached a great popularity in Japan in 1996 where the number of active devices to read the 10 million but she soon suffered a setback with the arrival of phones of cellular communication after the duration of the short.

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