Other than its first version … the launch of the Surface is Book 2 in the UAE

Offers laptop Surface Book 2 of Microsoft a number of advantages, you must combine the power of desktops, thanks to third generation Intel Core processors are multi-nucleated and video processing special panic and also ease pregnancy and own tablets, and mobile computing thanks to the light weight design is possible with the completion of the experiment with a battery at 70% is better than the first generation of Surface Book.

Revealed Microsoft on the eleventh of April for the launch of the Surface devices Book 2 is officially in the UAE, where the company explained in its press release, the importance of the UAE as a market and the diversity of its employees in terms of differing functions and tasks.

The UAE is home to professionals who don’t stop to talk always.

Director of Marketing the products of the Surface in the Middle East and Africa Mr. Onur Altintas

And Surface devices Book 2 new third-generation Processor Intel Core card video GTX 1050 GTX 1060, which means she’s as strong as what is a great-looking, offering it greater strength, five times that of an Surface Book original. As for the battery they are one of the largest pros where offers 17 hours of continuous video playback, which makes her experience special.

Whether you are a player, a designer, an architect, or a developer or anyone looking for a powerful, battery life long, has a Surface Book 2 will be one of the possible options in front of you. In addition to battery life there device reaches 3.38 lbs for the 13 inch and 4.2 lbs for the 15 inch which gives the device portability with strength.

And ends it at that, one of the advantages of the new devices is the screen the same hardware that supports the technology Pixelsense technology to deliver brilliant colors with support for multi-touch and Pen Touch, and the owner of the 15 inches we million colors the company makes it the best option for photographers who are looking for the best possible quality.

And being a computer capable of detachable to turn into a tablet gesture to improve the Surface Book 2 from this side also to convert it and it becomes effectively larger, and when transformed into a tablet becomes Surface Book 2 of the thinnest device processors third generation of Intel Core in the world.

Model 13-inch Surface devices Book 2 Available in the UAE at a starting price of 5949 AED, and the model 15-inch are available in the twenty-sixth of April, at a starting price of 9499 AED, where the devices are available in all the big stores and for ordering online also.

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