Other than the iPhone – How do you make apple their profits?

Apple is a company with a market capitalization of the highest in the world, including more than one trillion US dollars, and most of their profits to the phones and iPhones in which form its sales, around 60% of the company’s profits.

بخلاف الآيفون - كيف تجني آبل أرباحها؟
Other than the iPhone – How do you make apple their profits?

Apple also is the first company to manufacturer for smart watches as they also controlled extensively on the tablet and via iPad in addition to computers, Mac desktop computers, MacBook laptops and other devices.

But it comes second after phones iPhone? Perhaps you might respond if you learned that it is not from the sectors mentioned, but it comes to train services and software in the third. The services sector: the iTunes App Store and the apps the App Store and Apple Music Music and other.

According to financial experts, the revenue of Apple from the services sector will exceed $ 10 million during the second quarter of 2018, an annual increase of approximately 21%.

At the time that the market-phones iPhone says Apple by focusing on the service sector, which encourages users to pay in hand and also Associates the user’s Apple and makes him less likely to switch to any other competing company.

Of developments coming that will probably see also the service sector the entry of Apple TV field production film and television, either independently or through the acquisition of leading companies in this field as Netflix, as indicated in previous reports.

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