“Our chances” and demanded the thing behind the hashtag #that

Believe hashtag #share on social networking sites over the past few days, after that became a trend on the websites of social media, and succeeded in creating a state of the debate about the Sidekick righteous attitudes nurses that enjoy it.

Sparked the hashtag “mate good” controversy with the beginning of trading across anchor street Ahmed rafat page, a translation was made, and a number of other pages such as the For, as he also participated in the hashtag-known singer Zappa fortune through calculation on Facebook and twitter.

Set off after that latest songs popular artist Tariq Sheikh, which happens to bear the name of the hashtag “mate good”, through several radios of different application anghami white iTunes and mobile networks, to introduce the mission to hashtag particular to the protection of the song.

Revealed the site “our chances” of posts today about the mystery of the hashtag, which is a special campaign that bears the name of “buddy the good”, which dealt with the artist Tariq Sheikh to deliver a message through his voice through the words of the song and video clip.

The campaign aims to share mates and motivate them to be a support for each other, where you reveal the words of the song about the master who urges his friend not to despair, it is found they will mend whatever life was tough in front of them as long as they are together.

The clip of the song directed by filmmaker Ahmed tasks, shows where Tariq Sheikh and a number of characters who embody the many works of different occupations provided by the location of our chances.

The site “our chances” is a functionality free provides its services to job seekers, companies advertise jobs on the site, and job seekers to register on the site for free, and after registration they can apply for jobs appropriate to their skills and their experience.

There are more than 10,000 companies learn about the functions on the site of our chances, as it is announced more than 5,000 job opportunities per month on the site and the site boasts more than a million looking for work and they are in continuous increase, and threaten our chances to help the largest number of job seekers and our dream is to help employ more than a million people by the year 2020.

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