Our experience with internet speed Viber Orange Jordan


To whom it may concern from users in Jordan about the internet speeds and credibility of the best companies for the service. We use here our personal experience with the latest networking technology “Viper” provided by Orange Jordan Orange.

It seems to us that the Viper is a technical term in this era, after our experience for all companies to report their various starting from the days of poverty, “season” passing through ADSL and techniques of WIMAX and 4G down to the most consistent “type”.

Since I participated in a service fiber speed internet in fastness and in any case about the robbery that had been agreed upon at all times. There is no with Viber The Times of the peak and the justification provided by technical support for other companies rely on different technologies so the response that we used to hear the “restart router” !

The Secret Service that have been agreed are 30 Mbps, which is also and don’t forget about them as we can in the following video :

To prevent it means the question about the operating costs of subscription and tips in this context and anyone who is interested to follow the games via the technology of IPTV, whether on his mobile phone or smart TV, refer to the speed of 30 Mbit fortitude enough for this purpose and for much desired.

Taking into account that the value of the monthly subscription commitment of two years 29 JD is for anyone who wants measured in the currency of its local come $ 42 approx. This value must not exceed to 4 win about the value of the involvement of other companies oscillatory speed signal anyway to the speed of the fixed internet, which depends on the fibre-optic cable in the data transmission Fiber.

Our advice here is to prevent relying on other companies to suffer as we suffer from the speed of the internet, our advice when providing the service in your area. I switched to the development of events, note that Orange may back you of the commitment period that you are currently with another company, months free case moved to rely on fiber.

Details of the offers orange


Coverage map fiber


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Our experience with internet speed Viber Orange Jordan

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