Out Facebook apps on the scope of the service last Wednesday was due to the ” change server settings “

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Last Wednesday, it was the Facebook network and many affiliated services outside the scope of the service in a number of regions around the world. I noticed this personally when I tried to send a picture of one of the girlfriends through Facebook Messenger, the failed transmission on more than one occasion despite the fact that I am still able to send and receive messages. Later in the day, I realized that WhatsApp is also facing similar problems when I couldn’t send messages.

Recently, Facebook published a tweet saying that the interruption of many services and applications of Facebook was due to the change of the server settings. Everything seems to be back to normal later Wednesday evening. According to CNN, he has kept this blackout for more than 14 hours.

As of noon on Thursday, the problem has been solved Facebook and recovering their systems. Hopefully, this is just a coincidence it happened on the same day that the New York Times to provide a key that Facebook be subject to a criminal investigation where they were calling the two companies have not been disclosed as no longer among the companies that gave them Facebook access to users ‘ data the social network.


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