Outlook for iOS comes with a new design and gestures custom

آوتلوك على iOS يأتي بتصميم جديد وإيماءات مخصصة

Received application email outlook of Microsoft’s new update currently supports iOS only, was lifted from the version number of the application to Outlook 3.8.1, and got the app on the new design to all users of iPhone, iPad, and highlighted what is in fact new is the blue bar at the top, other new features include a set of gestures assigned.

On the other hand, also did not mention the update of the group changes obtained by the application, but according to the head of the organization “Michael part”, the outlook brought a new design, okay browsing experience in general, where the removal of white color fully and the blue bar featured at the top, which is identical to the not the case with the app in Android.

As for the gestures of the ad hoc immediately after his talk to the investigation you will be asked to prepare these gestures, where you will you to specify many of the procedures faster, as the calendar integration more deeply with an invitation in the mail containing a display of the embedded calendar lets you know if you have any other commitments on the day, as well as allowing you to accept the invitation and add it as a reminder for the future.

Finally, as noted by the Working Group app, they are currently in the process of working on dark mode, where in the next update we will see this mode available officially for everyone, and now you can update outlook via the shop App Store from here.

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