Output 5G any smartphones worth waiting for in 2019

The next few months promise to be very interesting, because we finally see something new from the sphere of mobile technologies. Among the crop of announcements of all kinds of flexible devices a little on the second plan moved the smartphones with support for 5G networks. And in vain, because this technology will almost certainly be included in our lives, in contrast, though interesting, but controversial gadgets. Today some manufacturers have already expressed readiness to submit their 5G-news at MWC in Barcelona, and others still remain in the shadows. We have collected for you all information about smart phones that support 5G, which we will see in 2019.

5G network is already being tested around the world and their arrival is almost inevitable. Let’s see who the makers of smartphones will offer us a novelty with support for a new communication standard.


Huawei under its line of Honor has already promised to launch 5G phones in 2019. Huawei boss Richard Yu told Digital Trends that the company “is Working on foldable phones. Foldable phones, 5G”.
Huawei has its own hardware platform for their flagship devices. It uses a modem called Balong 5000 with a maximum data transfer rate 6.5 GB/s.


We know that the next flagship from LG is called LG G8, but it is possible that there will be another device in the face of LG ThinQ V50, rumors of which appeared a couple of weeks earlier. This will be the first smartphone from LG with support of next generation networks. In addition, it has all chances for the announcement later this month. As for a release closer to the end of 2019.


At the end of 2018, Motorola announced that Moto Z3 will be released in updated versions with module 5G. It will take place in 2019, though exclusive to the US mobile operator Verizon. About other phones and the regions to launch the updated version yet.


With almost 100% probability we can say that OnePlus will launch its 5G phone in the coming months. This will most likely be the OnePlus 7. The company also needs to show a prototype (and maybe a ready-made gadget) at MWC 2019. So I wait for the conference!


Rumors about 5G smartphone by Samsung go for a long time. Someone claims that 5G module will be installed in the “flexible range” of smartphones from the South Korean company. Others believe that soon we are waiting for the announcement of a special version of Samsung Galaxy S10 with the support of the new standard. In any case, Samsung will not miss the opportunity to enter a new market.

Who else?

Xiaomi has already confirmed that in the framework of the MWC we’ll likely see a version of the smartphone line of Mi Mix with 5G support. Also plans to release these phones have the OPPO and Vivo. They even already available and working samples. Sony, Nokia and HTC officially announced about the release of 5G smartphones, but we know that they work closely with Qualcomm to develop 5G modem X50, so announcements from the trio is expected in the near future.

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