Overview headphone Audio Nocturnal Atlantis — emphasizing the naturalness

Sometimes it so happens that a good pair of headphones come into your life unexpectedly. This is what happened with Noctural Audio, I’ve not heard anything about them, but, having become acquainted with the model of Atlantis, I regret that I do not have to be acquainted with them early.

Initially, Nocturnal, is engaged in manufacturing cables in their lineup there are several models, which enjoyed an enviable popularity among Western audiophiles. Over time, the company has mastered the design of custom headphones, releasing a number of models with different numbers of drivers. Having studied their characteristics and descriptions, I settled on a 4-driver Atlantis because they offer the most universal sounding. Price tag the developers are slightly above average, the cost of the custom bikes starts from 705$, same model in universal design “will delay” on $ 635. Various design refinements will have to pay a little extra. As generalists they are made by the same technology and CIEM, will have to wait in the General queue and maybe a couple of months — the lab is loaded tightly enough.


  • Radiators: 4 x balanced armature
  • Crossover: three-band (1 × LF, 2 × SCH, 1 × HF)
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Cable: replaceable

Packing and delivery

It’s all predictable, outside carton of plain black cardboard inside a plastic pelican case with headphones and cable, cleaning tool and spare tips (of course, if you select the universal case).

In General, no special frills, but it is traditional for the creators of the CIEM.

Design and comfortable wearing

The appearance of the headphones is also quite expected, acrylic case ergonomic shape with a medium length zvukovojj or fully custom made prints of your ears, if you decide to go the way CIEM. From Nocturnal Audio there is a wide selection of options for decorating headphones, but as they are worth the extra money, I settled on a very simple variant: smoky translucent body and front panel “swirl” with the company logo.

Quality of workmanship is very good, no flaws in the casting are not observed. Ergonomics at a high level, headphones sit comfortably in your ears without any problems worn for a long time. Soundproofing in a typical form factor average.

Wire is made changeable, the default is used dukenuly sockets, but if you want you can also order a version with MMCX (too little pay), I do not. As well as paid options are available superior wire options, but I settled on “free” basic cable. It is quite good: silver twisted conductor, soft and comfortable, the microphone effect is virtually absent, as well as increased susceptibility to entanglement. In the cold wire hardens a little.

Judging by the reviews in the Internet, “enhanced” wires Nocturnal Audio is good enough, but because to test that I can’t, I’ll believe every word.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2, Astell&Kern, A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours, changes in the sound were observed.

In total submission I have the feeling that Nocturnal specifically tune the frequency response of the headphones in order to sound maximally natural seeming. There is absolutely no monotonnosti and neutrality in the flow, but there is some noticeable accents.

Low frequencies are very good, they are a little short on resolution to the midrange and treble, but it’s still an armature, so that “overall” their detail can not complain. Of course the bass has good texture and separation of instruments, but also the expected attenuation then slightly reduced, so the massiveness of the dynamic emitter is not worth waiting, although quantitatively the bass here is quite enough, and to clear the bumps and rumble headphones are able good. The bass response is normal, but not prohibitive, in General, the model is ideal primarily for natural instruments and records, as is the case with the clean valves.

MIDs are probably the strongest side of this model that provides them with maximum wow factor. In addition to high detail, not departing, however, in excessive monitormost, and a light underscore of emotions, the headphones also have a very nice color midrange, vaguely reminiscent of the players A&K. Thanks to him, the material is very solid, but without blur, which is characteristic for headphones with the “musical” presentation. Of course, this color will not suit lovers of total monotonnosti, but I think a lot of people prefer to add a bit of pizzazz. MIDs have a balanced weight, what is beneficial to the realism of instruments and vocals. Imaginary scene considerably more average in width and about average in depth, but the positioning of the sound sources and the separation of Atlantis plans to work out very well (as possible for a headphone plug).

The upper frequency otygratsya single emitter, and this leads to both strong and weak sides of the model. For starters, the frequency response here is well tailored to the peculiarities of perception of hearing, so treble sound just as stressed-course: details, naturally, but without harshness and artificial accents. The area above 10 kHz has a noticeable sagging, so on the one hand, headphones are tolerant to low-quality recordings, and with another — some of them reverberation a bit lacking. However, it is perceived quite normal and in order to experience the “shortage” need to listen to a very familiar test tracks (there’s not many records with good upper HF). As well headphones very well played attack, attenuation, and layering verhnesadovogo range, which also adds to their natural flow.

Here is some comparisons. I think this model should be compared with a couple of more expensive models, despite the fact that the top segment of headphones sound better, the difference in quality is not as great as the gap in price.

Audio Andromeda Campfire Campfire Headphones from Audio better worked the edge of the range, but sounded drier and more neutral, leaving in the direction of monotonnosti.

Noble Audio Kaiser Encore similar Enough for submitting model, making a significant step for all the parameters, starting with the elaboration of the edges of the range and ending with the resolution. However, the triple difference in the price still needs to be determined.


Earphones are moderately sensitive, so they tend not to emphasize the noise, but still, it’s fittings, so the source for them is better to choose a darker color and neutral supply. Because of the coloring, Atlantis play well even with phones and tablets, but the potential is, of course, remains unsolved.

Stylistically, I would recommend first and foremost for music is natural, starting from classic and ending with, for example, vocal jazz, but decent quality rock, metal and elektronschinu they play is also very good. The recording quality headphones are quite tolerant, somewhere in the 6 out of 10, but then again you should choose the better tracks, in order to reveal their full potential.

A few traditional tracks as example

The Doors — Break On Through (To The Other Side) let’s Start with a very famous track. Very good quality sound Doors, coupled with the hypnotic vocals lies in the manner of filing, Atlantis, skillfully emphasizing all the “chips” for which we love the band.

Gotan Project — Panamericana / Bolzano , This team is also not called a rare visitor in my collections, but what to do if they play music not only well written, but pleasant to my ears. This time offer live track, allowing you to fully enjoy that as well headphones Audio Nocturnal cope with the construction of an imaginary scene and the transmission of the character tools.

Air — You Make It Easy Great example of the calm and quite minimalistic “looks” of the track, very busy “internally”. And then the heroes of today’s review of the cope on a different level, accurately conveying the finer nuances of the melodies and vocals.


Very nice headphones for fans of “delicious” feed that combines a small coloration with a characteristic for reinforcing models, detail and naturalness. The waiting time is certainly above average, but I personally think that it was worth it.

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