Overview Insta360 Pro – 8K 360-degree camera for $5000

Insta360 Pro is a professional close-coupled 360-degree camera, consisting of six 4K cameras. It is already used by several companies such as BBC, CNN, Russia Today, AirPano, REN-TV, as well as many media and VR companies that use it for documentary, reportage, fashion videos and stunning panoramic photos.

In this review look at its advantages and of course disadvantages (in addition to the very high cost).

Video review Insta360 Pro:

We all have become accustomed to the form factor and capabilities of a typical 360-degree cameras, for example Insta360 Nano, Ricoh Theta V, Samsung Gear 360, Fusion 360 GoPro and other. Usually this is a small device, sometimes with caramanis size, with two wide angle cameras and relatively affordable price tag. And they all know how to shoot video in 4K resolution.

Insta360 Pro is sort of a ball the size of a watermelon, the perimeter of which are six lenses with a viewing angle of 200 degrees and aperture f/2.4, as well as six sensor of size 1/2.3 inches. Sensors located in a vertical orientation to get the final max resolution panoramic images not only horizontally, but also vertically. In the end, this design weighs about 1.2 kg, which automatically cuts off such scenarios, as, for example, conducting a 360-degree Live-blog on YouTube, where you need to go and relieve himself at arm’s length.

Straight from the camera, you can get ready:

4K 2D panorama with a frequency of 30 frames per second;
4K 3D panorama with a frequency of 24 frames per second;
8K 2D panorama photos;
8K 3D panorama photos.

Using its proprietary software Insta360 Stitcher, or a third-party on PC you can do:

8K 2D panorama with a frequency of 30 frames per second;
6K 3D panorama with a frequency of 30 frames per second;
12 panorama photos in Burst mode.

The device is supplied in a special protective case. In it all accessories are beautifully laid in their places. Looks like a premium than Insta360 Pro actually is. I would like in addition to have a more compact case that fits only the camera, without accessories. Otherwise it is too heavy and overall burden.

Around the perimeter are made of many ventilation slots to cool the heated solid camera. In normal mode, the fan will ometimesit. There is a possibility to turn it off for 15 minutes Exactly after this time interval the camera will turn off automatically and will not start until cool. For long videos this is not enough, have to do a long stop. Therefore it is better to use microphones-petelicki or external audiorecorder, allowing to minimize the fan noise.

Under the cover is the rechargeable battery, which lasts on average an hour and a half of shooting. Of course, there is the possibility of operation. Material can be recorded on the SD card. To work correctly, you must format UHS-I V30, that is guaranteed to support a minimum write speed of 30 megabytes per second. Otherwise, the recording may be automatically stopped. It is a pity that there is no support for SD-NIS UHS-II. Also in the USB 3.0 port you can connect a SSD disk, external audio recorder or GPS module.

For best results before you start shooting, the camera needs to be calibrated in a specific location. Next, click record on the camera, or app. Quality videos that work with both in-camera stitching, and after gluing on PC – excellent. All I’ve seen before in terms of shooting 360 – is so to play a half hour show friends cool results and forget. Here really get a sense of presence at the scene of the shooting. The only thing you need to be away from the camera at a distance of at least a meter, to avoid noticeable cross-linking in the video.

Cool feature – the ability to broadcast live 4K video on YouTube. This is the Ethernet port. But keep in mind that you will need a very fast Internet and you and the audience, to avoid slowdown, sagging, and other image artifacts to be broadcast was the point. But the viewer can really feel close with my YouTube-idol, to Ask him a question, to answer, to see the real emotions and things.

Camera Insta360 Pro is our reality almost 5000$, but for this price all the same remains the most balanced solution for the pros in terms of price/features.

Okay, you say, for that price such a device and should give excellent results. But for whom is such a device?

The camera can be an essential decision to create an advertising promo videos for companies that want to produce wow effect on their partners and clients a new format of 360 degrees and plunge them deep into what is happening with the maximum effect of presence.
Seems quite an interesting idea to use the camera at various events – conferences, exhibitions, corporate parties, weddings. Probably not as the main camera, but as an extra. Photos and videos will be interesting to see the client through time 360 panorama in 2D or 3D, and you can generate an additional item in the price list. In future, with the massive spread of VR glasses, the value of that content will only grow.
How to use a stream to 360? This can be a brand new packaging for seminars, conferences and workshops for individual speakers, as entire companies. Plus it’s a way to hold a stream the youtubers.
Insta360 Pro is a great solution for TV channels, allowing for panoramic photography coverage of events, interviews and documentaries.
The camera can become a valuable and simplifying a process tool in real estate to create panoramas and 3D-tours apartments, hotels, apartments for sale or rent to customers in a virtual to inspect the premises and make the decision if all they like.
You can also do panorama map services, like Google Street View, for this you just need to connect an external GPS module.

Camera Insta360 Pro is a professional solution for tasks that were previously unsolvable in General, or it took too much time. You can come up with so many non-standard usage scenarios.

Detailed information about the camera Insta360 Pro can be found on the official website – insta360-russia.ru.

Examples of video 360:

Sample photos in 360:

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