Overview Of Glory Alley — Samurais

Truly enjoyable games in the genre not so much, and games that would combine as a nice graphics and good mechanics and at all units. Action, Glory Ages — Samurais takes place in medieval Japan. According to the developers, the game we are waiting for the tactical battle on samurai swords, clever opponents, various equipment, a large number of locations and endless mode. So let’s see how truthful such statements.

In the game, really amazing graphics that creates the atmosphere of medieval Japan. We have a lot of bright pink paint and blur, both of them create this unforgettable atmosphere of Japan at the time.

Glory Alley has a simple and at the same time interesting mechanics for the fights. There are 4 buttons: the “Rage” mode, attack, defense and jump. The “Rage” mode is available only after some time and lasts a few seconds. In this mode, the main character can one hit kill opponents. The game will not allow stupid to constantly press the attack button, which is characteristic of arcade games.

Glory in Ages to feel, when to use the attack, and when, on the contrary, it is best to get away from opponents jump. The difficulty of the game is that the opponents can attack from all sides at the same time, so you have to constantly find a better position and the best time to attack. All in the game 10 cards, each card with 10 levels. The cards differ slightly, the main difference is the color palette.

Glory in Ages to get a character, or a better sword. Buying a character improves the performance of endurance and health, and the purchase of the sword allows to improve the attack. In addition, you can improve various indicators through a special menu.

In the game there are commercials, they can be removed only for 259 rubles.

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Application: Glory Ages — Samurais
Developer: NoTriple-A Games
Category: Action
Version: 1.01
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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