Overview Zhiyun Smooth 4 – Best stabilizer for $160 for a MOVIE on a smartphone

Zhiyun Smooth 4 this is no ordinary 3-axis electronic stabilizer for smartphones, it’s just a full professional tool for shooting high-quality videos using your phone. There are a large number of different control elements, which are very useful and simplify the process of shooting. And is this gimbal not much more expensive than their “brothers”, its price is about $160. And of course, buy this unit you will be able in the online store MotoStuff.

Unlike other Chinese regulators that were already on review (Moza Mini Mi, FeiyuTech Vimble 2), and which come in a convenient portable shockproof cases, Zhiyun Smooth 4 comes complete with a foam cover. It is, of course, can be used for transportation, but it will be less convenient than in the special case with handles. In the box, in addition to the stabilizer, you can find the cord to charge up a tripod and very high quality.

The body of the stabilizer is made of metal and plastic, the Whole structure well built, so no squeaks or no backlash. The design gimbal there is one very useful feature not found in competitors. This lock one of the axes of the stabilizer. From the first glance it may seem a useless thing but in fact it is a very necessary thing. Because when you shift stub in hand, especially when on the phone, the entire structure “ballyhaise” and thus it is possible to damage myself gimbal, and smartphone. And then you have recorded and nothing will break.

As I said in the beginning, Smooth on the housing 4 there are a large number of control elements. Among them there are already standard buttons start/spot recording, photograph, switch modes staba and menu, but a few convenient buttons that others do not have stabilizers. For example, in the back there are two keys: holding the top of the stub begins to track all the turns very quickly and dramatically, you can call it a “sport” mode; the bottom is responsible for enabling the tracking axis tilt, in regular mode it is locked. And if you shoot in full lockdown mode and hold down this button, stabilizator will follow all axes. It is very convenient because you can remove the lock all axes for maximum smoothness, and then, if your subject is out of frame, hold down this button and rotate the camera in the right direction.

But still the main feature Zhiyun Smooth 4 accurately be called a large ring on the side. It is responsible for zooming during photography or for focus control. Does this ring only through a special application ZY Play. Very sorry, but on Android this app does not work properly: some functions are activated after a time and it constantly freezes. On IOS there are no such problems, everything works correctly and smoothly.

There is no conventional joystick to control turns your smartphone camera. But the phone can be rotated in the desired direction by hand. As for me, this method is more rapid, accurate and convenient.

On the handle is a battery charge indicator, collection of usb type-c connector for charging, and one of the axes has a microUSB input for charging the phone.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 – super-fancy and super-functional stabilizer. If you are fond of shooting video on a smartphone, then buying this device would be fully justified. But if you are looking for something simple, a pure stream on Instagram or for shooting video travel, you may want to look in the direction Moza Mini-Mi or Vimble 2. They are cheaper and less fancy. But Smooth 4 will allow you to control all aspects of the shooting: want to change the camera position – hop and has already been done. Wanted to change the mode of staba – clicked on one button and can even not stop recording. And it is not fun, so to afford it can afford each.

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