Owners Galaxy S10 criticized display fingerprint

High reliability combined with the flashy technology of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which Samsung has equipped its flagship Galaxy S10 and its more advanced modification, proved to be one of their main drawbacks. This was stated by the owners of the smartphones that took part in the poll conducted by the publication SamMobile. According to them, the responsiveness of the scanner leaves much to be desired compared to physical solutions.

Of course, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, inscribed in the display of the smartphone is activated faster than optical, which is equipped with the vast majority of vehicles available on the market. However, due to technological peculiarities and even he can’t compete for speed of reading with visible scanners, usually mounted on the back panel of the smartphone, the Home key or the power key, I believe about 40% of the respondents.

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However, those owners of Galaxy S10, who was not able to use the flagship smartphones in recent years with the physical print scanner, ultrasonic sensor arranged on all of 100%. According to them, what Samsung failed to realize, is commendable, because it could not be more convenient and at the same time reliable way to unlock your smartphone simply impossible. This opinion is shared by about 20% of survey participants from SamMobile.

The same number of respondents said that it is too early to draw any conclusions. Despite the fact that the built-in display, fingerprint scanner looks very interesting, definitely to speak about its superiority over alternative ways of unlocking too early, says this category of respondents. However, back to the scanners on the back of the smartphone most of them are still not ready. For such a downgrade were less 10%.

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