Owners of iOS devices are faced with a new problem after upgrading

Many of us remember how bad it was updated to iOS 11. This operating system was full of problems of different scale. It would seem, substitute 12 for iOS finally was to become the stable version of the operating system in a long time. However, even now, not everything is so rosy. As it turned out yesterday, after updating to the latest version, iPhone owners are faced with another problem — this time while trying to charge your smartphone.

Reported by users, the problem manifests itself as follows: if to connect your iPhone to the charger with the screen off, the charging process can not begin. In order for the smartphone has begun to charge, you should activate the screen with power button or re-insert the Lightning cable. The problem is sporadic, but find the circumstances under which the defect manifests itself, and failed.

Initially it was assumed that the problem takes place to be the latest models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. However, judging from the number of complaints in the official Apple community and social networks, the problem is widespread, and has affected many, including older devices.

According to experts, this error is associated with the introduction of data protection mechanism USB Restricted Mode. This mode first appeared in iOS 11.4.1 and was intended to protect the personal data of the owner of the device. Though in theory the option should not interfere with the charging of your iPhone, users have noticed a pattern — if you unlock the phone and then connect the charger, then everything is working properly.

However, serious cause for concern in any case, no — the problem is more software than hardware in nature. There is no doubt that soon Apple will release an updated version of its operating system, which will solve this problem.

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