Owners of MacBook Pro 16 suffer from the problem of multiple

Equivalent to users of the latest computers and Apple portable Mac MacBook Pro MacBook Pro 16 inch from a number of problems, according to express feelings about the speakers of the laptop that the noise is intermittent, and problems with the large display of the new luxury.

Be sure to watch the MacBook Pro compared to 16 inches not including buttons, a keyboard, a butterfly or a high temperature as in the models of the previous generation, note that Apple did not respond effectively to these problems, although people close to the matter stated that it was aware of these problems.

According to the evidence obtained by the site Apple Insider as well as users who report problems in the forums, Mac Rumors, there is currently a problem, where the problem is first to hear the voices of intermittent noise audible when you raise the volume to a little higher in the speaker system, similar to frequent problems affected the mobile devices of Apple TV over the last few years.

The users of MacBook Pro 2016 had informed then about the difficulty that they face with the Bar Touch Bar, where I informed a small percentage of the users of MacBook Pro 2016 hear the noise linked to what it seems circumstances heat in the laptop.

It also influenced the problem in 2016 on the people who use Boot Camp to run Windows on a MacBook Pro, which is what pushed Apple in 2007 to update Mac OS X Tiger specifically designed to eliminate this sound which is found on Mac computers operating processors from Intel.

While the second problem to the network, where the users of the device response time is slow for the company, resulting in what is known as “ghosting” when scrolling through the text, said one of the users: when using the operation panel and between applications, it seems that the screen come from the shadows, as it is not transmitted seamlessly between each page of the application.

Recall that reports had reported that Apple are aware of these problems, but it has not yet issued a statement to clarify things, as there is no specific information about the prevalence of problems in computers MacBook Pro MacBook Pro compared to 16 inches.

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