Owners Samsung is going to be difficult to use the camera

Оболочка Samsung One UI

The company Samsung is obsessed with improving its own Android-shell, which recently called One UI. In November, she made at least two major innovations: the possibility of a ban changes on the desktop and move photos and videos to cart. The authors of the portal SamMobile told about another innovation that applies to the camera. Unfortunately, many users it will only disappoint you, so it can hardly be called an improvement.

Owners of Samsung smartphones with the latest version of One UI have to do more steps before recording the video. Usually record button near the shutter button, but in the latest beta version of the shell she was gone — instead there is a key to switch to the selfie Cam. Thus, to start shooting, you need to make a gesture to switch to video mode and then press start. Likewise for the camera on the iPhone.

Обновленная камера Samsung One UI

Fortunately, the camera of the Android Pie is able to remember the mode used by the user previously. So people who mainly shoot video only, you will not have to do extra steps. Other users will have to get used to the innovation and to do some unnecessary movements instead of single tap.

There is a small possibility that the Samsung developers will notice the negative user reviews. Change is affected only beta One UI, and the company has the opportunity to change their decision not to innovate the camera in the final version of the shell. Most likely, many users would be very grateful.

What camera mode do you use most: taking photos or recording videos? Their answers and opinions about innovations to share in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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