P Android users will never see the error “App not responding”

You already know that Google has added to Android P a lot of useful changes. But we still don’t know everything, and new details continue to emerge. Android fans who communicate on XDA-Developers, found in the Android P new way of interacting with applications that do not meet, and this happens with applications knows each Android user.

So, what makes Android P, when the application is not responding. The previous version of the operating system display a message to the user, in which it was written: “Application not responding”. In Android P you will not see this message. Instead, the operating system will forcibly end the application. In other words, the application will “fly”.

This told Google in just one day of the Google I/O conference in 2018, after which the information got to the XDA forum. Google explained that this decision was taken in order that the user is not faced with the problems of interface display when a message appears on the screen hung applications.

In Google I understand that for end user it will look as if the application were to fly much more often. However, it is a good way to get developers to work on the stability of the application. Besides the end user not so important, for some reason, stopped working the app on your smartphone.

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