Pack your bags: which countries like cryptocurrencies more than others?

According to the cryptanalytic firms CrystalBlockchain, a world leader in the number of registered cripture is United Kingdom. The country officially has 43 of the operator. The rest of the list are countries with a combination of favorable regulation and concentration of wealth.

Liberal regulation of cryptocracy and large amounts of capital

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UK: as we have mentioned above, in the UK focused 43 market operator. Obviously, this is due to the favorable conditions for this type of activity. Besides, there are sufficiently transparent and active position of the government to the still noisy to the financial sector. However, all of these healthy initiatives are under great threat: approaching the moment of final decision on Bracito, so at the moment it is impossible to predict what consequences it will impose on the laws and regulation for cryptocurrencies.

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USA: the American market is still considered to be one of the drivers of development of all cryptostore. Recall the unbridled activity of retail investors during the bull market of Bitcoin in 2017. In the States, in principle, the first cryptocurrency exchange, and the country became a pioneer in the regulation of cryptocracy. In the United States, despite restrictions in some States, are 27 exchanges. Recently the largest crypto currency exchange Binance opened a branch for American traders, which fully complies with local regulations.

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Hong Kong: in this small country is now officially operating as many as 22 of the crypto currency exchange. Hong Kong is the offshore area for many kaptarenko and is host to such giants of the industry like the exchange Huobi. The recent protests against new laws on deportation only increased the demand for Bitcoin in the country.

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Singapore:the gathering had 19 exchanges due to the relatively liberal attitude towards cryptocurrencies, Singapore comes on the heels of Hong Kong. The country comes more and more operators targeting Asia. Monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) maintains a position of observation rather than of restraint.

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Australia: one of the most cryptoprotection countries, which now hosts nine of the exchanges. Australia has long adopted the cryptocurrency mass movement and attracts many Bitcoin enthusiasts. Hence there is great demand for the services of cripture.

Surprise: the second largest region for kryptomere — at least based on the statistics CrystalBlockchain is “unknown location”. At the moment in the world 33 cryptocurrency exchanges work without clear reference to any specific country.

What conclusions can we draw?

It is worth noting the number of exchanges does not reflect the volume of trades, activity of cryptoendoliths and many other factors. Now in the world there are several so-called “strategic regions and countries” for the cryptocurrency activities, including the EU, Canada, Brazil and a few more. They recorded the highest activity of kryptomere and cash flow in Fiat and BTC.

I want to mention, the statistics were collected until the end of 2018. Since then, the market appeared a few tablconv and flows could be redistributed not only between exchanges but also entire countries. In addition, the ratio of shares Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies in the market has also changed. For example, as calculated in the analytical firm Arcane Research, the true value of Bitcoin on the stock market can reach 90 percent.

What country is the most friendly in your opinion? Waiting for him in our cryptodata billionaires.

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