Package solutions new sensor allows for small businesses to grow and innovate faster

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Launched sensor Salesforce today regular Salesforce Essentials is a package of smart applications easy to use for small businesses built for compatibility with the platform Customer Relationship Management first in the world.

And the first package is the core application sales, cloud Sales Cloud Essentialsوالتطبيقات basic services in the cloud, Service Cloud Essentials available today, allowing for any small company to achieve the growth, innovation and faster and the level of capacity provided by the Salesforce platform.

Said Mike Rosenbaum, Executive Vice President for CRM applications in Salesforce company: “there are more than 125 million small businesses around the world put in front of her one goal, growth.”

He added: “We have through the application package the basic Essentials to provide the unique advantages provided by the Salesforce platform customized to the needs of small businesses, the Feature Pack basic applications easily equipped for use, it is also scalable, allowing small businesses to add new possibilities on a fast easy-to commensurate with the growth of its business”.

The implementation of work teams in small businesses, on average, 23 percent of the time during the days to work on data entry, while you should take advantage of this time in the search for new customers and to earn them and maintain them.

Lets pack The core applications for small businesses to save time through the use of the application of sales and services that are easy to use, as they can learn new possibilities, use, and retention while growing their business.

And benefit package key applications of the new advantages provided by the Salesforce platform innovative, which you get new upgrades every three years, a platform of Customer Relationship Management reliable and used by 83 percent of large companies included in the list of Fortune 500 companies, which are now available to small businesses today.

Package solutions new sensor allows for small businesses to grow and innovate faster

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