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Started the latest version of the application Facebook Messenger access for all users after receiving the comprehensive changes to the level design. This is good news, if not from the users of the lucky ones who got their update during the months of September and October the last two.بالصور - فيسبوك ماسنجر بتصميمه الجديد يبدأ في الوصول للجميع!

بالصور - فيسبوك ماسنجر بتصميمه الجديد يبدأ في الوصول للجميع!

The story of the new design of Facebook Messenger

Considered the application of Facebook Messenger one of the most popular apps of the conversation at all, exceed the number of users billion users per month. In the month of May last year, revealed Mark Zuckerberg during the Facebook F8 developers Developer Conference about a completely new design to develop a Faceook account Messenger.

The new update is mainly intended to make the interface use more simple with the removal of third-party elements task and focus on the characteristics most important to the user.

فيسبوك ماسنجر على الآيفون

Facebook Messenger on the iPhone

In the new design was to reduce the number swell to 3 tabs: tab talks and Chats, the tab contacts People, tab discover Discover featuring games, apps and ChatBots. At the top there’s still a search bar and the “Strories” your friends.

فيسبوك ماسنجر على الأندرويد

Facebook Messenger on Android

The new design of Facebook Messenger is launched within the new update in addition to other improvements in performance. During the coming period, we will update your app automatically through a server update branch or via the Google Play Store or app store in your country, and this, of course, if you haven’t got it previously.

Feature Night Mode coming soon!

Other benefits expected also within the application Facebook Messenger feature Night mode Dark Mode which switched the background of the application white to the other black to reduce eye strain during the night and reduce battery consumption. This property is currently tested as a prelude to expelling them soon.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user.

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