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الصفقة الأحدث.. أمازون تتعاقد على بيع منتجات أبل

Deal exciting the company between Amazon and Apple, to require the first to sell the latest products of the company second, for the first time in history without a middleman or a third party.

Buy a Amazon and Apple

On the first, come Amazon on sale modern phones by Apple, will Amazon charge then sell Apple products directly, including from the collections is the latest from the iPhone and iPad hours Apple.

This contract is the first of its kind, which is between the two company Giants, where never before had Amazon selling Apple products directly, but was being done by a third party, the platform uses Amazon’s electronic display Apple products owned by for sale.

Commented a spokesman for Amazon on the page as possible, in a written statement saying: “Amazon is constantly improving the service received by the user, among the ways to improve that service to increase options and products available to him, which we well know he wants it, so we seek now to expand the lineup we have available of Apple products”.

Old conflicts

Say Amazon under this contract by direct sale to a number of Apple’s various products, which include phones, iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple TV, computers Mac, Apple headphones, in a change for that group representative of the newest Apple products, the device HomePod speaker, because it is a strong competitor for the products of the Echo from Amazon.

In the time that comes in this compact between the two months technology companies, to act as a boost to both entities, the mission of the anxiety from the likelihood of vulnerability to the presence of some of the bickering old between them, one of which was when I abstained Amazon for sale an Apple TV in 2015, where the latest it apartment clear between both Apple and Amazon, having confirmed the second to that resolution due to the presence of the products of the company compete with Apple TV, to call it up then the war of technology between the parties.

In the end, reveals the contract the latter about the need for all those who wish to sell a product from Apple through the Amazon, to apply to obtain a license to do so, means a breach of this requirement by one of the sellers, to remove him from the list of Amazon immediately.

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