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Expected to reveal Apple about the three new models of iPhone in the year 2018 and they are: Khalifa phone iPhone X, version Plus bulk, the model of the LCD less expensive with precise edges.

Rumors began about three versions since last year, and now view the site phonearena photo collection illustrate the arrival for your new iPhone in three distinctive colors and snappy gaze.

According to Rosenblatt, John Zhang, the Apple TV will be the highlight of model is the cheapest of its release in a number of new color options, similar to the iPhone 5c .

According to Zhang, the new colors that will get you a phone iPhone 2018 LCD will be blue, yellow, pink:

Keeping in mind that Apple already produces even now phones colors white, black, gray, Golden, pink, for most of the smartphones and its tablet, away from the iPhone 5c, and a product RED issued by the company annually.

This photograph appeared on the website of phonearena, and review the colors available she comes with a design similar to what I talked about the company until now about the phone it’s cheap.

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