Page – Samsung learn about the design of the Galaxy Fold 2 phone new foldable !

In its annual conference for developers, Samsung revealed about the phone model new folding may be the successor Galaxy Fuld but with the smaller size.

سامسونج تعلن عن تصميم Galaxy Fold 2 هاتف جديد قابل للطيSamsung announces the design of the Galaxy Fold 2 phone new foldable

Several months ago we heard rumors about Samsung phone, new folding coming after the Galaxy Fuld, only to postpone the launch of the first phone and the problems encountered by Samsung with him, prevented to confirm or deny the Korean company this rumor. And now, after the launch of the Galaxy Fuld in the markets, Samsung has become able to offer a new model of folding.

Been offering video in the Samsung Developer Conference, Annual, reveals a phone in the size of the close of regular phones currently existing, not in size but the smoothness of the tablet such as the Galaxy Fold, you can fold this phone in half to become in the size of the wallet.

Samsung says that these images displayed in the video is “for illustration purposes only”, and still the actual design of the Home “subject to change”, well not put the name of the new phone but it is currently referred to as Galaxy Fold 2.

Video the for Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 :

Also not disclosed the dimensions of the OLED screen on the Galaxy Fold after 2, but rumors suggest that Samsung is considering either a screen size of 8.1-inch screen or a more accurate size of 6.7 inches with a layer of thin glass.

Offers video to Samsung phone rollaway following will enhance the design, detailed new can keep the phone off safely, and ensures his survival to open when needed, and maintains a 90 degree angle so you can use the upper and lower part of the screen separately.

I didn’t include the details of the other phone yet, but at least I’ll have the phone on the chipset Snapdragon 865 and 12 GB of RAM, and internal storage of 256 GB.

It is expected to charge the Samsung phone with an Android system 10 and One UI 2.1, and the fifth-generation networks, as well as the fast charging technology 45 watts of Samsung which will be merged with the two batteries separate. The rumors suggest that one of these batteries will have a capacity of 900 mA, while you did not specify the size of the other.

The date of issuance and the availability of the second generation of the phone, rollaway

Other than the Galaxy Fold , which is sold in a few markets and in limited quantities, and is expected to be the second generation of the phone Samsung rollaway available in all parts of the world, will be produced in quantities more.

It is expected to be launched in April, which means that the formal evaluation may happen in February, and you will surely price much cheaper than the phone currently.

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