Pages: changes between Android P Android Q

Provided Google the first beta version of the Android Q developers officially, so we will review here the most prominent changes using the page as much as possible.

1. the dark appearance of the

It looks dark is in all the lists of the system, instead of limited to some, but doing the situation has become harder than before where you choose the icon mode from the quick settings have become part of the battery saving mode.

Probably will Google the option to do the dark look of the quick settings in the advanced stages of the development of the Android Q.

2. List watch new

The list has become the Common think the new style makes the called noticeably faster than before, also changed the way apps are displayed and shortcuts common to note quickly, is that a permanent presence for women top of the list.

3. share Wi-Fi via QR code

Now when you go to Settings and Wi-Fi related, you’ll find the interface button to watch the Wi-Fi connection that clicking on them displays a QR code, can scan it with a camera another device to log in to the Wi-Fi network as an alternative to the password.

If you want to clear the code to log in to the WiFi network of the device connected, you’ll find a button to scan a QR code Settings Wi-Fi; for you you can scan a QR code by the camera device, a process that takes only a few seconds, and then your phone connects to the WiFi automatically.

4. Notes appears in the screen

5 – options theme

Can change the colors of the Theo system to black color, purple and green, add blue default. You can also modify the font type for the entire system.

6 – the permissions of the geographical location of the

When you launch the application for the first time or from settings, you can choose between the three options on the let it keeps track of your location: allow always, allow during use, the product. You can review the account application and location permission granted.

7 – pull the notifications

Instead of pulling notifications entirely in terms of the right and left to distract them or partly to show the settings, it has become you can drag to the right completely distract notice and left entirely to show the settings.

8 – effect of my quick settings know the estimated time of entry into force of the battery

Before requires knowledge of the estimated time of entry into force of the battery in settings the battery.

9 – click the extended notification shows more settings

Swipe left on the notification shown settings to block or mute or continuation of the development which doesn’t change anything, either click the extended notification turn off notifications for the app or keeping it.

10 – design of new development files

Became tabs Main like video and audio more outstanding, got the side menu on the new updates.

11 – recovery after deletion

If you decide to delete an application or a wedge will appear a pop-up window for a few seconds, the option of retreat. For to view open applications recently, the removal of any application of them shows the option to undo for longer than before.

12 – settings page

There are special sections for each of fertility, geographical location and security instead of integrated into one department: the security and location.

13 – gestures like the iPhone

Found that Google includes settings for gestures system for iPhone, including the effects of war and accompanying.

14. the tool of video recording the police

A tool was provided by cell phone companies. manufacturer of the duties of the user or can be obtained from third-party apps before, but now has become part of the system, if option was activated hidden within the developer options currently which is likely to change in the future.

15 – the more information the police standing

Among the information, which was showing the police standing (Always On Display) the percentage of the battery charge and audio files running in the background.

16. the Play Music lock screen makes it blurry

17 – page information applications design new

The new design highlights the options Force Stop and uninstall and it adds to open the app.

18 – option to switch between the headphones and the device and external

You can choose Apps media such as Spotify to broadcast audio via the headphone or external speaker, and the rest of the sounds from the phone out of the device speaker.

19. check in time view notifications, messages, temporary

Can determine the time of display of the notice and the image of the screen captured any message or window temporary by options interactive, from 10 seconds to two minutes.

20 – download the app while using it

Some of the updates necessary to use the whole screen during installation with the Android 9, but it will take little space Android 10.

21 – alert notifications

We mentioned that it can mute the notification sound from the settings pull it to the left, so when you notice a voice, will appear next to the icon of the bell that indicates that make a sound when he arrived.

22 – Show Applications Windows

Like Windows you can view the applications in Windows can be controlled in size and agitated in the front.

23 – desktop mode

Like Samsung DeX, the can connect the phone to the computer or an external monitor, so thanks to mode computer you’ll be able to browse apps from the interface-like system Chrome.

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