Paleontologists have found fossils of ancient arachnid creatures

Every year paleontologists find under the ground thousands of remains of ancient animals. As ancient bones are very many, scientists simply do not have time for careful study and fossils are in museums in a few decades. For example, in the middle of 1980-ies in the U.S. state of Wisconsin were found the remains of the arachnid creatures, the researchers could not recognize for over 30 years. And too bad, because in the end it turned out that the scientists were able to discover the body of one of the first spider-like creatures on our planet. It is believed that he lived half a billion years ago and were among the first animals began to develop the land.

Scientists have found an ancestor of modern Scorpions

According to scientific journal PLoS one, the study of the remains of the ancient establishment, a group of scientists led by Professor Andrew Vandrarhem started only in 2016. In just four years, the researchers found that the spider creature is the ancestor of modern Scorpions. Ancient form called Parioscorpio venator, which literally can be translated as “predecessor Scorpions”.

Ancient ancestor of Scorpions

The individual was found killed about 430 million years ago, in the so-called Silurian period. In those days in the aquatic environment, in addition to the above the Scorpion lived colocasia fish and brachiopods developed some of the most ancient invertebrate animals. And among the plants I met the first vascular.

Brachiopods brachiopods are also known as animals

Thanks to modern technology, scientists were able to study not only the external structure of the spider, but also its internal organs. As it turned out, an ancient creature was little different from living Scorpions. It is known that modern representatives of this species of tiny spider-like creatures have five segments on the back of the body. But their ancestor, as it turned out, had seven limbs. With all this, his cardiovascular and respiratory system was the same as their predecessors.

In the centre is shown the respiratory and vascular organs of the ancient Scorpion

Scientists still are not sure exactly where lived an ancient being on the water or on land. Half a billion years ago, when living in a spider-like creature, the current territory of Wisconsin was a shallow coast. As the remains of the ancient Scorpion was found among fossils of sea creatures, scientists have suggested that it led a predominantly aquatic lifestyle. However, due to the similarity to modern Scorpions, an ancient creature could get out on the land. For example, on earth it could hunt the primitive ancestors of the insects.

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