Palm is back! However, its first smartphone too specific

Rumors that the company may TCL to revive Palm brand, emerged in the last year. In August this year, appeared details about the first smartphone of the revived brand, which seemed very strange.

He attributed the small screen at 3.3 inches, SoC Snapdragon 435 battery at 800 mA·h Set today, so strange that there were big doubts in reliability of data. But they were reliable.

Today, Palm revived. However, a bit wrong, as in the case of brands Alcatel or BlackBerry, under which TCL also produces smartphones. If you focus on the information that is on the new Palm site, it was a separate company, which was revived thanks to investment of the same TCL (the brand belonged to her, so without her, nothing would have happened) and two former designers Samsung (hope not thus): Dennis Miloseski and Howard Nyuk.

So, the firstborn reborn Palm is called Palm. Yes, that is so original. Many have dubbed his newly “invented” the first iPhone. In fact, the design can judge for yourself.

Source — Engadget

What is it? The manufacturer is positioning its device as an ultra mobile companion, which, note, not aimed at replacing your smartphone! That is, the Palm offers your device as a second device for the user. While from a technical point of view, it is a true smartphone, just a very small one feature that later.

Palm is endowed with a screen diagonal of 3.3 inches with HD resolution, which results in an excellent pixel density of 445 ppi. It is based on Snapdragon SoC 435, has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of flash memory. Main camera here on 12 Megapixel frontalka — 8 MP. Akkum there are only 800 mAh, which should be enough for a full day of work. I think it would be possible to try to cram a bigger battery to keep this baby at least autonomy differed from big brothers.

Dimensions of new items — 96,9 x 50,6 x 7.4 mm and weight of 62.5 g. based on Android 8.1 with a special sheath, adapted for the small screen. Fingerprint scanner there is no Face Unlock feature. And yet there is protection against water and dust IP68. In General, a true smartphone, with the only peculiarity that you can’t install a SIM card. She then integrated format nano-SIM and initially tied to Verizon. Yes, unfortunately this kid will be exclusive to the American operator. Moreover, he will not even your own phone number — number will be used on your primary smartphone. And here I have a question: as implemented BY calls and alerts? For example, your primary phone someone is calling. Palm also will “call”? This is clearly inconvenient, so it will be interesting to read full reviews.

It remains to add that the cost of the smartphone is $ 350. What do you think about this? Whether the chances are such a device with such scenarios?

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