Panasonic announces TVs FZ950 FZ800 the latest screen OLED

This topic Panasonic announces TVs FZ950 وFZ800 the latest screen OLED appeared on Engadget.

Panasonic announced the 4 new TVs with a screen OLED by CES 2018, the new groups dubbed FZ950 وFZ800 which continues to offer the idea of Hollywood to Home “from Hollywood to your home,” the focus of the company, in the capacity of Panasonic to help the film industry in the re-submission of the objectives of the creative film makers by bringing a better experience than the cinema experience to the home.

This hardware Processor, a new image, a better screen, speakers from the company Technics and new technology designed to enhance color reproduction, more than the 2017 models.

The new devices will be available in size of 55 inches and 65 inches.

Technology Dynamic LUT

FZ950 and FZ800

According to the company, the most important characteristic of the new devices is a tool for Dynamic LUT, a technology offering for televisions the set of instructions the colors around the color that should be made on each different position on the screen. Before that I did not set this group of data only at the beginning of the movie or television program or broadcast, what happens to the color options available for the TV display. The models in 2018 with the treatment of HCX new can TV update instructions color up to 10 times per second; what enhances the ability of the device to reproduce the colors, what allows to show the map more accurate colors on the screen at any time.

According to Panasonic, there is the quality of the image a deeper, richer, not only for the black color and colors near black, but in the extent of colors the medium and high; where the company added additional layers of data of the LUT when the levels more dark to let him decide black net colors near them. This technology works in the background without the user need to do anything.

Technical HDR10+ instead of Dolby Vision


Models FZ950 وFZ800 they will be the first models from Panasonic offer a standard HDR10+ New, which is an open standard new standard HDR supported by Panasonic, Samsung, company 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Amazon, which is based on a standard HDR10 Vogue and breathe technology, Dolby Vision which is not supported by Panasonic TVs new.

Some may believe this step strange of Panasonic; they added Dolby Vision in the line of disc players, Blu-ray new flagship, and it might be related to the rights licenses more than providing new technology.

And HDR10+ dynamic style to deal with HDR instead of static method one, to provide content similar to what you see in the movies.

Speakers supported by the company Technics

If you don’t want to connect the sound system to your film, The TVs FZ950 provide speakers Dynamic Blade built-in case has set its firm Technics. This Magnifier around the screen width and comes with 8 units speaker multiple in the portfolio of very high profile; it is an increase of 40% the level of sound for the 2017 models.

Price date version

Didn’t Panasonic to specify specific information about the date release about the TVs FZ950 وFZ800; but she explained that they will be available in spring 2018. It has been suggested to Panasonic that the TV would be at a competitive price, and target market OLED screens major.


This topic Panasonic announces TVs FZ950 وFZ800 the latest screen OLED appeared on Engadget.

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