Panasonic develops world’s first digital camera to accurately portray 6K and quickly 24 frames

Announced Panasonic on the development of Camera (LUMIX set) LUMIX S1H digital number the mirrors with Lens single sensor image framework complete.

The company said: the LUMIX S1H is the first camera in the world that is capable of recording video accurately 6K at 24 Frames Per Second ratio 3:2, and the accuracy of 5.9 K at 30 frames per second and the dimensions of 16:9, and the accuracy of 4K/C4K image quality of 10-bit and the speed 60 FPS.

Intends to Panasonic the launch of this new camera, which combines the quality imaging the video of the Reserve and high levels for ease of Use and movement provided by the cameras, the mirrors, in the global markets by the fall of 2019.

The company noted Japanese to it has produced – since its launch operations, the development of techniques of recording video cameras digital cinema during the nineties of the last century – a set of innovative technologies for Outstanding Cinematography such as video recording at 24 fps and video recording in slow motion using the frame rate variable, coupled with the High Dynamic Range HDR and color space provided by the V-Log/ V-Gamut.

Panasonic is working with the makers of the films since more than a quarter of a century to design and develop a number of film cameras, which contributed to achieving the performance levels of amazing for video recording. Featured Camera LUMIX GH1 for the first time in 2009 as the first digital camera single lens mirrorless possess the ability to video recording accurately Full HD and AVCHD.

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The company has introduced the LUMIX GH4 in 2014 as the first digital camera single lens mirrorless capable of recording 4K video. In 2017, the back Camera LUMIX GH5 to be the first in the world with the capacity to record video in 4K and as fast as 60 frames per second, and accurately 4K with the speed of 30 frames per second image quality of 10-bit encoding 4:2:2.

In this regard, said (Kunihiro term) – General Manager, Products Division Audio Visual have (Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa): “provide the LUMIX S1H a whole new experience in the world of image capture and video recording with their specifications best-in-class. And this camera is effectively a large group of the most advanced features in a small body size and lightweight making it the perfect solution for the most ease even in the case the status of export the most difficult. Within Panasonic’s commitment to continuous innovation, we are confident that this camera will represent a valuable contribution to other intended to support the development of a culture of the visual image”.

Said the Panasonic: it’s designed and developed LUMIX S1H by applying expertise and advanced technologies it has accumulated in the film cameras that belong to the authority of the LUMIX S of the cameras, the mirrors are equipped with sensor photo framework full. And improved camera all the leading technologies developed by the brand through its history, particularly digital signal processing techniques and temperatures, in the body of the small size and light weight to achieve high performance and ease of Use and movement. As they open the door wide in front of the activities of the film production creative in ways that cameras can traditional offered because of its size and weight the big two.


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