Panasonic lead its partnership with Tesla in the manufacture of solar cell panels

باناسونيك تفض شراكتها مع تسلا في تصنيع ألواح الخلايا الشمسية

Announced Panasonic on the cancellation of its cooperation with the electric car company Tesla to build solar panels at the plant last Gigafactory 2 lender in the state of New York, which means that the Japanese company will not help in the construction of the “Tesla Solar Roof”, but this will not affect their partnership in the construction of electric car batteries as reported by the company.

Said Panasonic that its decision to denounce the partnership with Tesla in the construction of panels of solar cells came from the door to make its operations energy the olfactory world a more organized and seamless, and will not affect its resolution on the cooperation between them and in the field of manufacturing electric car batteries.

Strait to company Tesla plans to employ qualified cadres in the new city Buffalo of America to support manufacturing operations energy and solar cells; the Will is in the marketing of its solar cells under the banner of its brand Panasonic and Tesla in getting the crew new qualification.

In another report from Reuters pointed to the support of New York state to buy a Tesla at $ 750 million to watch the interests of the Gigafactory that the company is investing $ 5 billion in the state over a decade to provide 1,460 jobs in the city of Buffalo.

But in the event that the company fails to achieve the agreed target will be fined 41 million dollars where there were doubts about the inability of the meet in the shadow of the withdrawal of Panasonic from the operations of solar energy, however, Tesla has confirmed that the decision by the Japanese police did not come to adopt negative and manufacturing processes of batteries electrical joint between them still remain.



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