Panasonic mandates will be moving with the operation of competition in the camera market

باناسونيك ولايكا وسيجما تتحالف معًا لتشعل المنافسة في سوق الكاميرات

During the event Photokina 2018 in Cologne German, the companies announced the cameras, three Panasonic, Leica will be trying it with the L-Mount. Which raises the competition in the market of professional cameras significantly, to rival companies; Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

Was Leica have launched a system of L-Mount for cameras with full frame or Full Frame, which is me about the mirror system or optical lenses traditional “mirrorless” and use technology systems for better images, a trend that companies have started the cameras go in and Newly of between Leica and German.

With this partnership, the company, Panasonic will be a Japan two in their way to produce cameras without mirrors and operates on the L-Mount which is developed by company Leica.

It can be said that this alliance will provide users with diverse products at prices different from modern cameras, especially since the prices of Leica in this type of camera is high, and the presence of a camera of the other companies with different specifications can lead to the presence at lower prices in spite of the work to the same system.

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