Pantera Capital CEO: Bitcoin on sale — buy two coins for the price of one

In his recent interview with Dan Morehead told about the situation on the stock market and commented on the future scenarios of the price movement of Bitcoin. According to the analyst, now do not miss key opportunities for growth of capital. The main cryptocurrency is trading at a low price unforgivable, so today investors have a rare opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a huge discount.

Why should I buy Bitcoin

Morehead acknowledged that October has become one of the most difficult periods in the history of cryptocurrency. A year ago the market situation was the opposite, Bitcoin is ready to jump on the $ 20,000, despite the lack of support that he has.

The CEO of Pantera Capital said that investors should not expect huge profit at short range. Will benefit only those who came into the industry for many years and truly believes in technology.

The expert also has encouraging words — the stock market is moving on already known patterns, which are repeated in each cycle of rise and fall of Bitcoin.

People here should finally understand the concept of “buy low/sell high”. We calculated the ratio of the arrival of capital and price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. Investors just need to take a sober look at the situation and not to succumb to the FUD.

Now the stock market is a very profitable discount — “buy two bitcoins for the price of one”. According to AMBCrypto, investors themselves pushed the price of the home cryptocurrency up as soon as the mood of the market players will change in the opposite direction.

Image source — Bankrates

At the end of the Morehead added that has high hopes for utility-tokens. In his opinion, they will be one of the key forces of the future economy. While a few years kriptonyte replenished with “fresh blood” — the number of active users of the cryptocurrency will increase to 500 million people. To be among the first, don’t forget to subscribe to our cosy cryptcat.


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