Passers-by can take on the corner shop in Chile and Mexico $ 225$ million

والمارت تستحوذ على كورنر شوب تشيلي والمكسيك بمبلغ 225$ مليون

Today announced the sale of US retail and passers-by about its acquisition of the company corner shop in Chile, Mexico and competent in the transmission of orders to customers through the application of their own, so in the pursuit of the passers-by to expand its work in the consignment of goods to various fruit and vegetables and other products around the world.

Has acquired the American company on the corners the author of the rapid growth in the market of providing applications to customers of $ 225 million, and Rose delivery services offered by the company that kicked off 2015, as shops and markets to provide medicines from pharmacies as well as for competent sale of food in both Chile and Mexico.

And the idea of working through the company’s cooperation with the work of the contract under certain conditions, where they shopped, purchasing customers and provide service also order several products from the shops of different food such as meat, vegetables and fruits to beverage.

The collection of the corner shop in support of $ 21 billion last year, led by company co-invested financial Accel, where the company continued its idea of excellence and the success of the delivery services company Instacart in the United States, has said its executive director Oscar thereon that Instacart can build a lucrative business in the United States, we conclude that we do the same here, traveling to Mexico and Chile.

Will continue to be Team corner shop current missing three and the rest of the staff working under the umbrella of the passers-by after the purchase by the company.

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