Passers-by signed a partnership with Microsoft to compete with Amazon

والمارت توقع شراكة مع مايكروسوفت لمنافسة أمازون

Group announced Walmart’s largest stores to sell retail in the United States for the signing of a partnership with the giant of technical Microsoft allow them to take advantage of cloud services company, will continue the Partnership for at least 5 years according to the agreement.

Will Microsoft’s cloud services wages “Azure” as well as Microsoft’s Office 365, in addition to technical service many especially by machine learning and artificial intelligence and database services.

Include this step to put pressure on Amazon, without a doubt, so that the passers-by is the most prominent in the retail sale in the United States, as is the case with the services of Microsoft cloud competition for services Amazon.

This will make Microsoft enter into the world of electronic commerce indirectly, where they could develop techniques of payment like Amazon the Go and running with the passers-by, which challenge many of the reports about him during the financial period, as pedestrians will benefit from the many unique technologies without having to develop a special department for the company.

After years of successful Amazon offers in the market of electronic commerce and retail, seem to be buying Microsoft’s act will include strong competition.

The flow of the city and passers-by signed a partnership with Microsoft to compete with Amazon appeared first on the tech world.

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