Patches instead of injections: a new type of flu vaccine

In order to reduce the likelihood of getting the flu in the period of infection each year to undergo the process of vaccination. However, to call this a pleasant procedure is unlikely to succeed. And it is impossible to forget that some people are just afraid of injections. And soon all about to change thanks to a new method of prevention: now just to stick on the skin with a special patch.

According to a recent study, about 30% of people do not produce a vaccination for the reason that they simply do not have time for this, because the procedure requires a personal visit to the doctor’s office, waiting in line, and so on. For these purposes, a group of researchers from the University of Washington have developed a new type of “vaccination” against several strains of influenza virus, which can be done by yourself even at home. The vaccine is a seemingly ordinary patch with microneedles. In the inner part of the patch built a small capsule filled with vaccine. All you need to do for this type of vaccination is only apply the patch to any convenient place for 24 hours. During this time will ensure the intake of necessary amounts of vaccine in the blood. While on the patch has analgesic, antiseptic and healing substances to reduce pain and trauma to a minimum.

Clinical studies on animals showed almost the same percentage of effectiveness as with conventional vaccines, and now researchers are awaiting approval from FDA (management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines) in order to produce the “vaccine patch” on the market.

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