Patent a new invention from Microsoft for the last folding

Monitoring has patented a new software giant Microsoft, reveal the blueprint for your new featured design the retractable and flexible.

Referred register during the financial period to that Microsoft in its way to launch a new version of the Surface devices comes the design of folding, to apply this version in 2020, and new came the leaks catalog for a patent in a last distinctive design and flexible folding.

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Comes Microsoft’s new device in the patent system run the Windows 10 screen with extendable folds, where the device supports folding through the breaks trying to spacers made of Microsoft’s Surface Book.

The report indicates that the patent has been registered through 2017, but it was not published until June 2019, where it shows the tablet in the chart screen, extendable full, folds by means of spacers in the middle, which also ensures the contact side of the screen securely.

Microsoft confirms that this mechanism in the design of the spacers that connect the side of the screen will be the perfect solution to address the technical problems in design possible work flex in the screen.


I know of

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